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Thank you very much for visiting our website. Our company is a chemical manufacturer facing the sea located between Osaka and Kobe and was established half a century ago. Taking advantages of the convenience and the shipping mobility in its geographical condition, we have been manufacturing a wide variety of acetic acid ester for paint solvent for a long time. In recent years, we have been manufacturing high purity solvents for electronic materials. We forwarded the differentiation of the solvents and now can offer a wide range of usage application. Solvents are used for variety, such as stabilizer, dissolving agent and diluent. As the environmental regulations have become more strict, the solvents become more important as supporting role in the industry. We have a basic idea that chemical products are used in various industries as cornerstone. We are working hard in the production activity having a motto that we will provide the customers with products speedily, meeting customer's needs in usage and quality. We would like to contribute to the society by fully paying attention to "safe," "environment," "corporate ethics." We would like to ask for your advice and encouragement.